Prayers from the Pews Sunday, March 24, 2019 “Burning Bush” by David Montgomery

Oh God of many names – each of which is valid yet none of which is adequate,

who identified yourself and your people from a bush burning in the desert,

crackling and glowing in your magnificence yet unconsumed by flame.


You promised to deliver us from our trials by walking with us, among us, in our

suffering, our worrying, our yearning, and our angst.


And you sent your own child – our savior – to toil and suffer among us while

teaching us always how to better love you and ourselves.


We continue to hurt, to suffer, to feel the pain of dreams unfulfilled, of illness, of

death, of morality injured or forgotten.


Help us to recognize our oneness with all of humanity – your people – many with

crushing burdens and broken spirits.


May we ever be reminded of your magnificence, eternally burning within our

hearts, neither consuming nor hardening us but always transforming and tempering

our souls, imbuing our hearts with the malleability needed to bend without

breaking in this crazy world.


Even as our trials persist and our anxieties continue, may we – as you have taught

us – ever strive to grow into our full selves – ever becoming what we are yet to be.


We ask this in the name of community, oneness, connection, resilience and love.



(March 24, 2019)

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